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About Me

Audio Engineer, Sound Recordist, Dialogue Editor, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, DJ Producer.
I am a French freelance Sound Recordist and Audio Engineer based in Auckland, New Zealand with a permanent residency.
I am a multidisciplinary sound engineer from location recording, Production sound mixing for film, TV, live show mixing, and sound design to post-production, dialogue editing, electronic music production, deejaying, and final mixdown.

Music, sound, and films have been my passion since I was a teenager!  I am an experienced Production Sound Mixer who loves challenges and collaborates with passionate people.
I have worked in almost every aspect of the audio industry: recording, live sound, studio mixing, mastering, post-production for film, sound design, electronic music production, and DJing regularly in festivals. I also enjoy mentoring students to share my knowledge and help the future generation. 
In the last few years, I have been doing a mix of Field Recording and Audio Post Production for Film and TV. 
I have been working with numerous crews of creative people:  Motion Sickness, TVNZ, Auton Mouse, The Spinoff, Notable Pictures, The Hood & Co, Ethic, Radio New Zealand, NZ On Air, Reel Factory, Hi Mama, Sun Pix, A Wave in the Ocean, Fish & Clips, Eyes & Ears, Run Charlie Films, Colenso BBDO, and many more.



Guillaume Arnoulet

Film Director & Editor​

"Sofiane knows how to adapt himself on a variety of projects, He takes them always to the next level with great expertise.

I'm looking forward for the next one”.

Sebastian Cort


"I worked with Sofiane on a TV Pilot for Peter Feeney. He is one of the most generous people I know, not only he's an asset to every set, he has a cool calm attitude and always smiling. There was a scene with 30 actors. He had 16 radio mics all going off at the same time, I was really impressed and we never had to ‘wait on sound’. He is the first person I recommend to every production I get on to shoot."

Lauren Porteous


"Working with Sofiane is a great experience. I value his interpretation of the work and the attention he gives to the details. His expertise always elevates every project we work on."

Pete Hansen

Video Editor & Film Director​

"Not is Sofiane talented and passionate about sound, he is also great to have around on set. He is nice, calm, and always a step ahead. Looking forward to working with him again."

Alan Green

Production Manager

"His approach to the finer details of the technical side of Audio Engineering is outstanding and his work ethic is superb. He has excellent timing,  great experience with the technical gear, and produces a fine result with the audio component of the production."

Daniel Bartlett 



"Sofiane has been an incredibly kind, resourceful, and experienced man while working on the mixing and mastering of my albums with which he did an amazing job"

Chris Wilkey

Lighting, Special Effects

"Passionate audio engineer with a wealth of knowledge, Sofiane brings a detailed and quality approach, to all projects he is involved with."

​Luc Tharin
C.E.O Innervision Post France


​"Sofiane is someone who wants challenge and responsibilities! "

He’s got numerous key strength, including a wide variety of skills and experience.

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